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18 April , 2022

10 Critical Features Every Project Manager Want in a Project Management Software

Project management software includes all the necessary features that are required to track daily operations in businesses. It incorporates the latest technologies to make the entire task of project management paperless. Today, it’s quite essential to opt for project management tools or software in order to perform well and beat every competitor. Project managers worldwide are looking for the most advanced project management tool to ease their tasks and get a flawless results. For all these reasons, if you’re wondering which features you should also look for in a project management tool, here you go. We are about to explain the 10 critical features every project manager wants in a project management tool or software. But before that, let’s explain to you what project management is all about and why it’s so important for businesses.


What is Project Management?


Project management refers to undertaking the role of managing a group of tasks under a specific project. A project manager has to plan a project, assign tasks to the professionals in multiple teams, set a timeline, encourage communication within teams, track progress, interact with the client, create the final report and finally deliver the project within the discussed timeline. Balancing the multiple factors like time, cost, scope and quality that affect the project is also the responsibility of a project manager. So, the five elements of project management step-by-step would be initiation, planning, execution, progress tracking and project close. While some project managers take up a single project at a time, others also handle multiple projects for the company.


Now, we’ll discuss the 10 critical features every project manager wants in a project management tool or software:


  • Project Planning: This is the core component of project management that the project managers want in full-fledged software. Hence, the project management tools are designed with a Gantt chart, calendar or schedule to help the managers plan their projects effortlessly.


  • Task Group: In some of the top project management tools, the managers are allowed to create multiple task groups. These groups include several assignments that are assigned to the professionals. The professionals can also check the status of task groups within the software.


  • Communication: Another must-have feature in project management tools is communication, which is often delivered through message boxes and chatting options. This feature promotes healthy communication by allowing every user of the tool to convey a message to others and the manager.


  • Data Sharing: A project may have multiple types of tasks where the usage of documents is essential. Hence, project management tools are equipped with data sharing features through which the professionals can share Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and other files very easily.


  • Time Tracking: Every project has a specific timeline and therefore, the managers want this feature the most in project management software. Best project management tools like Task Clost come with this unique feature, which helps the managers to set timelines and track the same.


  • Email Notification: This feature is associated with the timeline because sometimes the professionals lose track of the deadline for their assignment. Email notification works as a reminder for them to accomplish the pending tasks.


  • Dashboards: A project management app or tool has to include a feature-rich and yet simple dashboard in the first place so that every element of it is clearly accessible. This is what almost every project manager expects while seeking the best project management technology.


  • Feedback Management: As project management tools are designed with message boxes, the managers can easily communicate with the professionals when it comes to giving quality feedback. This feature is a must in advanced project management apps and tools.


  • Report Creation: Finally, as the projects get completed, modern tools also enable the project managers to create a report and close the projects. Though many project management tools lack this feature, some advanced tools like Task Closet include this one too.


  • Free Access: Since every business domain differs from the others, the needs and preferences for project management also differ. Hence, project managers across the globe mostly prefer project management tools that are free. It helps them to test the software first and then get started.


Now that you know the 10 critical features every project manager wants in a project management tool or software, go ahead and download the most suitable one that aligns with your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a project management software that incorporates all the 10 features discussed above, we would recommend Task Closet. It’s developed by our highly skilled and experienced team of software developers at Idiosys Technologies.