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Effective Team Management
14 November , 2020

7 Effective Management Styles Which You Should Adopt for Your Organization

The role of a manager in an organization has evolved over time. In the past, they were viewed by the employees as an indispensable part of the organization. Today, their value seems to have eroded. A wrong management style can ruin their position and even put them under termination. Though it is true that different projects, teams, tasks, and businesses need different management styles, knowing the right style is crucial for successful project management. Moreover, there are loads of project management application available today, which can help the managers out there only when they choose the right management style initially.

If you are interested to know the various management styles, here you go! In this article, we will explain the 7 effective management styles which you should adopt for your organization.

1. Authoritarian Management Style: This management style is also called autocratic or directive management style. It follows managing through clear direction and control. The managers following this management style can be called authoritarian managers, who assert strong authority and have total control over the obedience of their employees.

2. Visionary Management Style: This is similar to the authoritarian management style but has a slight difference. This style of management doesn’t involve day-to-day authoritarian leadership but only focus on conveying the overall vision of the company, department, or project to the team. Motivation and alignment of the team are the two keys to success in this type of management.

3. Transactional Management Style: Focusing on production, this management style involves positive rewards such as incentives, bonuses, and stock options to keep the employees motivated. To improve the quantity and quality of production, the managers following transactional management rely on piece-work pay. They strongly believe that employee performance improves with extrinsic rewards.

4. Servant Leadership Management Style: In 1970, Robert K. Greenleaf introduced the phrase ‘Servant Leadership’ in an essay titled ‘The Servant as Leader’. Today, this style is also known as coaching, training, or mentoring. What these managers do is spend their time, coaching, mentoring, and supporting their team as an adviser or coach rather than a dictator or rule enforcer. If you use any project management application, you can follow this management style with ease.

5. Pacesetting Management Style: As its name suggests, this management style involves setting pace or timeline for work. In order, o achieve bigger goals, the managers of the pacesetting management style set high or hard to reach standards to their employees. To succeed in this management style, the managers need to be capable of setting a pace that is achievable and yet challenging for the team.

6. Democratic Management Style: This style of management is also referred to as consultative, participative, consensus, affiliative or collaborative style. This management style ensures that everyone gets a chance to speak irrespective of their role or position in the company. Idea sharing and regular employee participation are the two tools for a successful democratic management style.

7. Laissez-Faire Management Style: Focusing more on employee freedom, this style of management involves a very little to no interference on the employee performance. The term ‘Laissez-Faire’ is derived from French and can be directly translated to ‘let do’ in English. In this style, there is no oversight provided during the production process. Google follows this management style as a means of promoting employee creativity.

Above are 7 management styles that you get your employees motivated when applied in the right way. To know more about the secrets of business management, you can feel free to contact us. We at Idiosys Technologies provide premium quality web development, app development, business development, digital marketing, SEO and other services that work effectively in managing businesses of our clients worldwide. Task Closet is a special task management application developed by our team of highly skilled and experienced app developers. This software helps you to manage your teams quickly and very easily. Task Closet is basically developed while keeping in mind every project management responsibility of the manager. Hence, one can create teams, assign tasks, set timeline, monitor the same, communicate and finally create the project or task reports. This app is free of cost and all you need to do is simply sign up using your mail id and password.


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