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remote team communication
24 April , 2020

9 ways to improve remote team’ communication

Team communication is one of the most crucial elements of team management. Every moment is important in the process of a project and there might be changes every now and then for the sake of preferences. For a project manager, fixing meetings with the team is not always possible and thanks to the all-new project management apps that are providing an instant solution for these issues. Gone are those days when every employee used to be dependent upon the team meetings for the instructions as now one can easily connect with the project lead with a few clicks. Task Closet is a project management application loved by many professionals, who are recommending this app over the others to all their fellows for numerous reasons. Here, we will explore Task Closet and its features so that we understand how this app can be useful to boost a healthy working atmosphere with seamless communication.

1. How to Get Started: No more miscommunication in your team when you have Task Closet application, one of the most reliable and cost-effective saluting in project management. This application is absolutely free of cost and all you need to get started is to install it in your devices and log in with your valid mail is and password. When all your employees have successfully created their accounts with their mail id and password just like you did, you are good to go. Yes! This application is as simple as it sounds.

2. Simple Dashboard: Once you have logged into Task Closet, you can easily understand the steps by having a glance at the simple dashboard. All the features are easily accessible by clicking on the organized tabs. If you do not know how to start, you can take assistance from the developers too. Below are some of the features that you can easily access when you log into Task Closet.

3. Create Team: Once you log in to this project management application, you need to create your team or teams based on the projects you are managing. There can be numerous teams for specific tasks and you can manage them all simultaneously at a rapid speed.

4. Time Management: What makes Task Closet special to the managers is that it makes time management easier than any other apps. This one lets you choose your teams and assign work to them with specific deadlines to achieve the goal. With the notification feature, all the members of a team will get alarms timely so that they are aware of their impending tasks.

5. Email Notification: Not only this, with the email feature but this app also sends automated emails to the members to follow up their work process and with just a single click on the link provided, the employees can land into this app and report you about the process.

6. Create Task Group: Within the teams, you create on this project management application, there will be different tasks and you would want to distribute it within the members. Now, with this application, you can do the same within a few seconds. All you need to do is create a task group and add your chosen members to it.

7. Give Precise Instructions: You can create as many numbers of task groups as you need and once you do it, you can also provide information and instruction related to these tasks over this app. Here comes the most interesting feature of Task Closet, which makes team communication effortless.

8. Sharing Docs: The members can share documents as attachments and they can also communicate via messaging. The format of the message is quite easy and almost all can access it without any trouble. Whenever you feel there need to be some important changes as per your priorities, you can provide instruction for the employees to follow.

9. Task Report: Also, once a task is accomplished, this app lets you create the final task report. This way, the members can also explore the process better and can learn and grow.

Above are the nine elements of Task Closet, which make business project management easier than ever before. So, why wait anymore? Go ahead and log in to Task Closet for a seamless project management experience. Also, if you want to get this free project management application customized for your further requirements at a nominal cost, you can contact us. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the most trusted web and app development companies providing top-notch services to our clients from all over the world. Our clients hire us for our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, which is always in the search for excellence. We have clients from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, and India so far. To know more about our services or Task Closet, feel free to get in touch with us now.


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