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23 July , 2020

Dos and Don’ts of Team Communication and Culture During COVID-19

The pandemic Covid-19 has drastically changed the way businesses used to function all over the world. Perhaps, it has affected team communication and work culture the most due to the adaptation of the remote working system. As working from home has become the new normal for us, managing teams and projects over team management application have become more essential. Here, we will quickly check out all the dos and don’ts of the team communication and culture during this remote working phase of Covid-19. It will surely give us a coherent idea of how to sustain in a team, how to accomplish tasks, how to get work done and how to manage teams in an organized manner. So, without further delay, let us move to the dos first.

• Dos

1. Keep Healthy Communication: It is one of the crucial factors when the employees of an organization are working from home. Any chances of miscommunication can spoil the workflow by creating a lot of confusion and to stay ahead of it, there is nothing like keeping a healthy communication.

2. Provide Employees with Resources: When the employees are working from home, providing them with equipment and resources is the responsibility of the organization. If you are a team lead or a manager, you need to make sure you none of the employees are out of resources.

3. Brief Regular Tasks: Within the office, it becomes easier to schedule meetings and brief work from time to time. For remote work, the best way is to take the help of a team communication application to brief and explain work. Once you have done it, you can make a conference video call to discuss it with the team.

4. Make Proper Routine: When your team is working remotely and you have a project to complete, you need to set a timeline for each task. No worry as the advanced team communication applications are equipped with features to let you set a timeline for all tasks and keep a track of them easily.

5. Optimize Tasks and Responsibilities: You need to be prepared for sudden changes in roles and responsibilities within the team during this unprecedented time. If an employee is unable to be on track due to illness or any other reason, optimizing the task on the basis of it will help you to save the project.

• Don’ts

1. Don’t Isolate a Member: As a leader or manager, you need to be extremely careful not to isolate a member from your team. The chances of feeling isolated are higher during this remote work phase and therefore, you need to give equal attention to each of your employees.

2. Don’t Forget Fun Activities: Too much of work pressure can have a negative effect on the employees and to keep them motivated, you need to encourage fun activities. After work, you can plan to connect the employees with similar hobbies and provide them with a space to share thoughts and participate in recreation.

3. Don’t Be Panicked: The negative messages about COVID-19 are already making us bombarded. Hence, as a leader, you need to always act as a stable base so that your employees feel secure. You can avoid using words such as crisis, disaster, catastrophe and making people feel like their job is not secure.

4. Don’t Micromanage: Proper communication is the key to success in managing remote work and micromanagement is just its opposite. So, when expectations for staff have been set, you should trust them and let them work peacefully without making them feel monitored or micromanaged.

5. Don’t Work 24 Hours: Fixing a proper schedule helps increasing productivity in an organization when the employees are working from home. According to the time zone of your employees, you can fix a work hour and follow it yourself as well. Sticking to the project for the entire day can be harmful in the long run.

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