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24 August , 2020

How A Task Management Application Helps Educational Institute

The concept of distance education courses is nothing new. It dates back to the late 1800s when the University of Chicago in the US established the first major correspondence program. Today, in 2020, the concept and practice have grown worldwide to a great extent. Today, the task management application is helping the administration, teachers and students to easily manage learning programs in these courses. Also, the post-COVID-19 situation has made it mandatory for some institutes to establish online courses and tuitions. Hence, we can say that the best task management application should cater to the needs of global online courses. Here, we will see how it creates an easy communication between teaching staff and students.

• Task Management Tools Create an Easy Communication Between Teaching Staff and Students:

Decades back, it seemed absurd to think that a project management tool could fit in the life of an academician. However, such concepts have changed as today we can say that anyone who needs management and organization in life should take help from a project management application`. These tools or applications have tremendous potential in improving the quality of education management. The teachers can easily monitor assignments while the students can submit those on time. Both can discuss over the app and therefore, keep transparency and communication easily.

An educational institution requires countless people to run it properly. Starting from the regular teaching faculty, to guest lecturers, administrative staff and non-teaching staff members, the list can go on. So, the best task management application brings them all together under one roof, helping them to manage their roles. From assigning tasks and responsibilities to having better control over work schedules, it works in a multifarious way.

• Tasks and Responsibilities Assignment: Task Closet is one of the finest project management apps that let you assign tasks and responsibilities easily. You can add as many members as you want into the program. You can create different task groups by naming them ‘Faculties’, ‘Non-Teaching Staff’, ‘Student’ etc. Then, you can create separate groups within these groups and assign group and individual tasks easily.

• Control over Work Schedules: The task management applications are equipped with a timeline setting option, which helps you to set a specific time for each task. This way, all the students and teachers can easily maintain their work schedules in an effortless manner. They get email notifications when the deadline is near and even join the app from the mail link. Also, if any member feels more time is required, s/he can notify the same.

• Better Collaborate with Faculty Members and Students: Using Task Closet task management application, anyone can easily collaborate with the other members of the school. The teachers can create discussion topics to brainstorm with the students while the students can participate by logging into the app. With the message feature on this app, communicating with other members is just a click away.

• Proofing & Approval Simplified: As the students can easily upload assignments, posters, presentations and documents, the tool makes proofing and approval very simple for the faculties. There is no need for mails and other formats and everything gets organized within the tool itself. It makes life more organized not for the students only, but for the teachers as well.

• Easy Document and File Management: People working at educational institutions have to do a lot of documented work. It seems quite cumbersome to manage everything at some point of time. Not anymore since the task management tools can help you jot down and organize everything that was scattered across different platforms.

The above discussion makes it clear that the role of task management tools in the educational sector can be crucial. If you are looking for the best task management application with so much potential, you can explore Task Closet. It is a task management application that can be accessed from any device. On top of that, it is absolutely free of cost. However, if you think you would like to get the app customized for your institute at a nominal cost, feel free to get in touch with us. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the highly acclaimed app development company providing professionals services to global clients. To know further about Task Closet or our services, feel free to contact us now!


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