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11 April , 2020

How to assign multiple tasks to multiple people at a time?

For the project managers managing business projects, the all-new project management tools are available today that are completely or partially cost-effective. Today, if you are looking for the apps for business project management, the options are plenty. You could always choose from a plethora of project management applications available to you and some of these apps provide free subscription as well. Here, we will explain to you some salient features of a highly advanced project management application, Task Closet. This one is a one-stop solution for all those projects that otherwise become time consuming and tedious to handle. Task Closet, as its name suggests, is a task or project management app provided to you by some prolific app developers who understand the need for effortless project management. Be it a small start-up or a big enterprise, all the projects for your business will be managed smoothly using this software. Now, let us know how you can assign task using this application.


Task assignment is an integral part of project management and the managers can handle it better when there is a software that simplifies the entire process. Now, project management also brings with it multiple responsibilities for the managers and they also need to assign multiple tasks to multiple employees in the organisation. Be it managing a single project or multiple projects simultaneously, there are always different types of tasks and different teams to work on them. As a consequence, it becomes too complicated to assign tasks timely and tracking the process every day. No more worries as you have Task Closet, which can make this entire thing absolutely effortless to you. Here are the steps to show how you can assign multiple tasks to multiple employees simultaneously using Task Closet.


  1. Create Team: With this feature, Task Closet enables its users to create team or teams. It means if you login to Task Closet with your mail id and password, you can create your own team or teams. To start with this application, you can sign-up with your mail id and password. Once your account is created, you can sign-in with the same credentials. Now, Task Closet lets you create team or teams, where you can add your employees once they create account with their credentials. On the simple dashboard, you will see the tab for creating teams and clicking on the tab takes you to options like creating your team, adding people, and also removing or modifying them or the entire team when required.


  1. Create Task Group: Once you create your team, you can assign tasks by creating task group or groups. If there is a singular task, you can create a task group within the team or the teams. Also, when it comes to assigning multiple tasks, you can create multiple task groups by following the same process. The process is quite simple as all you need to do is click on the ‘Create Task Group’ tab, which is there on the dashboard. There are multiple options provided to you by Task Closet for making the tiresome process of task assignment a simple one. The multiple options provided by Task Closet are setting timeline, communicating over message box, sending files as attachment, solving queries, tracking progress from notifications, creating task report and many more. Once you explore the application, you will be amazed to see how simplified the entire process becomes.


So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out this free task management application right away. The best part of Task Closet is that it is a free task management application. You can use its unlimited features for no cost and if you want to get the app customized for further requirements, you can contact us here. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the best web and app development companies across the globe providing simple software solutions to all our clients. To know more about Task Closet or our other services like app development, web development, digital marketing, business development, advertising and others, feel free to contact us. The top-notch quality services at affordable pricing make us one of the most trusted companies to rely upon- as our reputed clients from the UK, the USA, Australia, India, and other countries claim.


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