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Task management application
12 August , 2020

Task closet: Helps to Create Workflow Automation

Managing every nitty-gritty of your business is really difficult in a situation where most of your employees are working remotely. The only saviour is a task management application, which ensures workflow automation. What the task management tools or applications do is that they let you manage one or multiple teams involved in your business projects in a flawless way. These tools are integrated with loads of features to help each and every professional involved in your business projects. When your employees can perform tasks in an organized way and you can monitor that easily, workflow automation is not merely a concept but a reality for you.

• Task Closet: Task Management Application

Have you ever imagined of a software that can keep track of each milestone your business achieves? Or, are you looking for an application that sums up project management techniques? Well, then you must know about Task Closet application.

This task management or project management application gives you a clear plan of action for your projects and then, it automates your progress tracking until you finish the project. Once you sign up, you can create teams, add members, assign tasks, set timeline, send email notifications, share files, send text message instructions, create reports and finally, close the accomplished project.

Now, if you are worried about how it is going to help you manage multiple projects, you must know that it will. Since you can create multiple teams and assign works within each team, you can manage multiple projects. Here is a special feature of Task Closet that really helps the project managers. Interdependency is a crucial part of project management and it is the main source of complication that may arise due to multiple task assignments.

When you involve a professional into multiple projects and assign tasks accordingly, it becomes very difficult for the professional to organize the flow of tasks. No more worry since Task Closet also helps you and every employee of yours in such situations.

• Workflow Automation:

Today, you have ample options while choosing task management or workflow management tools. These tools are developed while keeping in mind the multiple steps of task management. Most of the times, workflow within an organization refers to a repeatable pattern of activity or tasks performed by the employees. It takes a lot of effort to keep a track of the tasks irrespective of the strength of your office. Whether you have five or five hundred employees working in your company, keeping a track of their regular tasks becomes almost impossible at times when you also have to focus on other things important for your business. The moment you miss the track, the workflow suffers. Hence, task management tools are necessary for both of you and your employees. Once you start using a task management software for your workflow management, you no longer have to waste time in regular monitoring. The task management tool will send you notifications and you will simply assign task and track its progress regularly.

• Workflow Automation Steps Using Task Closet:

While using Task Closet or any other task management application, these are the steps you can follow to improve workflow automation:

1. Sign-up: At first, you need to sign-up in Task Closet by providing your mail id and setting your password.

2. Create Task Group: Once you enter the dashboard, you can easily create your profile. Now, it’s time to create task groups (based on the number of tasks you have).

3. Create Tasks: Once you have created task groups, you can create new tasks. The software helps you to organize these tasks within the task groups.

4. Add Members: Now, you can add members in each task group. You can assign as many members as you want.

5. Assign Tasks: Once you’re done with adding members, it’s time for assigning tasks to them. You can assign multiple tasks to a member and manage interdependency.

6. Set Schedule: The tasks you assign should be submitted within a specific deadline and therefore, the software lets you set alarm.

7. Share Files: Task management software allows you and your employees to share files such as word doc, excel, PPT, jpeg, and more.

8. Send Messages: Keeping transparency is no more a problem with the message sharing option that is fast and simple.

9. Manage Changes: When a task is not accomplished within the preset timeline, you can manage changes by tracking them easily.

10. Create Report: Finally, when a project is close to submission, you can create the final report in Task Closet application.

Now that you know how task management applications can make the workflow management easier, simply switch to Task Closet and follow the steps explained above. You will definitely see smooth progress once you start using task management tools.

Are you worried thinking how much it will cost you? Well, most of the users can’t believe that such a useful application can be accessed free of cost. Yes, Task Closet is free for all, unless you want to get it customized for your specific business management.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and feel free to get in touch with us for further information about Task Closet. Also, if you want to develop your own business management app, we are here to help. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the highly recognized web and app development companies providing customized solutions to our valuable clients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, and India. Task Closet is a successful task management software developed by us, which is earning huge popularity across the globe. To know the plan or cost of customized project management apps, get in touch with us today!


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