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Benefits of Gantt Charts in project management
24 June , 2020

10 Benefits of Gantt Charts in Project Management- Task Closet

Project management is no less than juggling between multiple tasks and once you miss a task, all the others get delayed. Since multiple tasks are dependent upon each other in a project, it is essential for a project manager to analyze the relationship between these tasks and set a plan accordingly. Thanks to the advanced gantt chart in project management tool for making it easier for you to maintain the workflow in an effortless way. In this article, we will explain the 10 benefits of gantt charts in project management to find out the possibilities it offers. So, without any further delay, let us proceed to the definition of gantt chart.

• What is a Gantt chart?
It is a type of bar chart that helps the managers to come up with new strategies in solving project plan. What a gantt chart does is that it illustrates a project schedule and displays the dependency relationships between activities against time. Gantt chart displays the activities in an illustrative manner by showing you who is assigned to which task, the duration of those tasks and all the overlapping activities in your running project. Hence, it helps you to plan, schedule and managing a project in an effortless way. Now, let us explore the benefits of a gantt chart in project management.

1. Know What’s Going on in your Projects: Every project manager needs to see the total overview of the project and then look into detailed information related to the project. Project management tools present a dashboard that enlists the ongoing projects and when you click on any of these projects, it shows an overview. It helps you to know what’s going on in your projects.

2. Improved Team Communication: Working on a project is like doing teamwork where the employees need to stay connected to discuss and work together. A recent survey shows that almost 86% of employees feel lack of communication without a project management application and here comes the benefit of gantt charts. It helps the managers to pass on information quite faster to each employee and maintain an uninterrupted workflow.
3. Avoid Resource Overload: If there is a resource overload in any project, the managers can track that immediately with the help of gantt charts and resolve it faster. They can reassign tasks or if required replace the employees to manage it. Resource overload can be a threat to any organization and a gantt chart eliminates the minimum chances of it.

4. Track Progress Quickly: It is one of the primary responsibilities of a project manager. In a Gantt chart software, you can check the progress of the projects in it quickly. This information helps the managers to plan ahead.

5. See Overlapping Activities: In many projects, overlapping activities make things quite difficult to manage. Not anymore with the gnatt chart applications as these highlight the overlapping tasks and reminds the managers to plan accordingly.

6. Manage Projects with More Clarity: Sometimes, it becomes impossible to manage an entire project without the help of a software. The best part of gnat chart is that it makes things clearer to you so that you don’t miss a single error in your project.

7. Better Time Management: Scheduling is one of the best benefits of Gantt charts in project management. Time management is a crucial aspect of project management and gantt charts help the managers to understand the ferocity of time delays while managing a project.

8. Work with remote team members: If you are working with remote team members, it becomes difficult to coordinate and keep everyone in the loop. However, with the advanced project management application integrated with gantt chart, working with remote team becomes easier.

9. Boost Flexibility: Sudden changes in a project are inevitable and sometimes, the employees find it difficult to cope with those changes. Not anymore when gantt chart is available. It makes the team prepared for the possibility of adjustments as per the changing situations.

10. Promotes Transparency: Transparency always promotes trust and positive vibe in an organization. A gantt chart integrated software really helps the project managers to keep everything transparent to the professionals.

Above are the 10 benefits of gantt charts in project management. Now that you know these benefits, go ahead and switch to a reliable project management software for the success of your business projects. To know further about gnatt chart or the software, feel free to contact us. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the highly acclaimed companies providing app development, web development, digital marketing and many more services to our reputed clients across the globe.

Our project management application Task Closet is integrated with gnatt chart and it provides a one-stop solution to project management tasks. You can easily install the app and get started by signing up with your mail id and password. This free project management software lets you manage multiple teams and projects effortlessly. So, what are you waiting for? To know about Task Closet or any of our services in detail, feel free to get in touch with us.


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