Here's how it works.

Follow the steps to start with Taskcloset

To-do Lists

Create to-do lists for all the work you need to do, assign tasks, and set due dates. Taskcloset will follow up on overdue tasks for you.

Register with Valid Email

Check Email Inbox as well as Spam to Verify your Account

After Verification, Login & Land to Dashboard

Go to Admin Menu, Click on top 'Add Peoples' Tab & Invite All Members by One go

Create Project, Add Members, Task Groups & Tasks

In Left Menu, click '+' icon to create Project

Tick 'Time Log' Checkbox if you wish to track timing

Click on Project Name you wish to go inside

Add members

Add Task Group by defining multiple followers whom you wish to keep default followers for all tasks under it

Under Task Group Add Task by assign Member; default followers will be set from Taskgroup followers

Note: Existing company employee will be directly added; new members should accept invitation request received via email.

Task Completion Marking, Issue, Reopen Task Creation

We have brought unique concept of raising Issue or Reopen any completed task to monitor quality of work & modification of work process. Example: Suppose your team member has marked one task as completed and client found issue; He will simple raise issue. If client wants to improvise previous work, he/ she could Reopen tasks; it will help to track steps of improvement.

Click on the left checkbox to mark any task as completed.

If Time log is active for project, it will be mandatory to log time at the time of completion marking.

Time will be recorded on behalf of assigned member without condidering who marks as completed.

If you click over any completed task, You could see both 'Reopen' and 'Raise Issue' options.

Task generated by Raising issue will have one Red alert icon to check the previous task on which this issue has been raised.

Simlarly for reopened tasks, you could see a folder icon.

Familiar with Admin view

Statistical graph will help you to identify employee performance, project progress, mistakes amount in work . Create your project report easily with using this project management tool.

Click on Admin View Menu & Go to Employee Tab

Mark As Admin whom you wish to give Admin Previledge to Create Projects & Manage Everything

Remove anyone from your company. Admin cannot remove owner.

Check statistics based on different parameter

Normal Green color => Will be indicator of New task

Yellow color => Will be indicator of mistake of own work

Deep Green => Will be indicator of solving issue generated from other tasks