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Remote work management
23 May , 2020

10 tips for managing remote employees

Remote work follows a distinct structure than the in-house structure and therefore, you need to follow certain policies to make it effective. Nowadays, a vast number of employees work remotely and if you don’t have remote work policies already, you need to develop one. Remote work management is one of the most searched topics in search engines today and here, we are about to share our insight on it.

Team management is the key to success for any organization, be it an enterprise or a small-scale start-up business. It depends upon a set of responsibilities shared by both the managers and the professionals. To make it more organized, team management tools and applications are the best choices. Task Closet is one such remote team management application that helps the team managers to manage teams effortlessly and effectively.

However, knowing the right strategy is also essential, and to help the managers further, we present 10 tips for managing remote employees. Read on to know the best tips for managing your employees working remotely.

1. Equip Employees: You need to ensure your employees have the technology required for working remotely. Apart from a smartphone and a laptop, there are many things that they might require. For instance, a working camera and a headphone for attending con calls. Even if you don’t have an extensive set of tools, equip your employees with the basic tools at least.

2. Maintain Communication: For remote work, it is essential to stay connected with the employees more frequently. It doesn’t mean you will start micromanaging, which is harmful to specific tasks. Yet, you need to organize team conference calls on a regular basis to discuss the objective. Also, make one-to-one calls to solve the issues faster.

3. Trust your Employees: It is quite natural for the managers to get concerned and frustrated often when the employees lack constant visibility. However, it is also important to stay patient and trust the employees. Some of your employees may also be stressed and concerned about a specific task and as a leader, you need to understand it.

4. Motivate with Organizational Values: It is one of the basic responsibilities of a team manager and it becomes crucial when your employees are working from home. Physical presence in the office atmosphere automatically sets the organizational values that working from home takes away. You need to reinforce it by motivating the employees constantly.

5. Set and Explain Goals: For remote employees, the role definitions may start to fall apart as it sometimes makes them unsure of where to focus. You need to point out the tasks to be accomplished on a daily basis with more clarity. Setting long term and short term goals is possible when your employees know they are contributing to the company mission.

6. Eliminate Isolation and Distress: You need to always be on the lookout for signs of isolation and distress in your employees. To get visibility into employees’ challenges and concerns, start both direct and indirect communication. You can use funny gifs and emojis to greet, congratulate, and inspire the team members in messages.

7. Balance Schedule Inconvenience: Having remote employees from different time zones makes it quite difficult to schedule conference calls. You need to maintain a balance while scheduling such calls so that it becomes convenient for all. Remote work management consists of some basic responsibilities like this and you need to be ready for it.

8. Organize Gathering Once a Year: It is essential to organize a get together once a year as that helps building a better team rapport. Secondly, the energy of these team gatherings is always high and it gives you the opportunity to discuss work and beyond work. As a result, your employees become more confident and responsible.

9. Build Connections within Team: Teamwork requires uninterrupted communication and therefore, your team members need to be introduced to each other and stay connected. Though the best way is to schedule video call meetings, you can also use a remote team management application that allows your employees to chat and message.

10. Celebrate Success: Sensitivity and kindness are two essential qualities of a leader. Mutual respect is the key to success in an organization. You need to celebrate team and individual success to inspire your employees. Once a project gets accomplished on time, congratulate and thank your team.

Above are the 10 tips for the team managers to manage remote employees. To know further, feel free to get in touch with us. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the highly acclaimed companies providing web and app development services to a wide number of clients across the globe. Task Closet is our exclusive team management application that makes remote work easier. It is a free team management application that you can install from various devices.

To sign into this remote team management application, all you need to do is provide your mail id and set a password. Once your employees join Task Closet, you can create teams, assign tasks, set deadlines, explain tasks, receive files, and finally create reports before delivery. With so many features, it is a one-stop solution for all your team management tasks. So, why wait anymore? To know about Task Closet and other custom remote work management apps, feel free to get in touch with us.


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