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28 October , 2022

7 Strategies to Manage Multiple Projects Simultaneously

Project management involves juggling multiple duties and often, multiple projects simultaneously. It’s indeed a huge responsibility that requires a skilled and experienced professional. But, the task can be easier nowadays, thanks to the advancement of technology. Today, you’ll find project management tools that are capable of helping you manage multiple projects in one go. And if you’re looking for such a project management tool, look no further than Task Closet. It’s a one-stop solution that’s equipped with every necessary feature for project management.

And the best part is that while Task Closet is saving you time, effort and budget, you can focus on the most crucial tasks by applying the 7 strategies that we are going to share. Yes, these strategies can help you to make the most of our project management tool. So, why wait any further? Let’s dig into the 7 strategies to manage multiple projects simultaneously!


1. Plan Ahead: The first thing that you need to do while managing multiple project plans is much before the tasks are assigned. The initial planning should be at your own desk where you’ll mark all your upcoming projects and assign tasks to different groups. Then, you can conduct meetings for each project with specific teams to discuss the same and brainstorm new ideas.


2. Set Priorities: While planning for upcoming projects, it’s important to set priorities among them. For instance, if you have three projects that are named A, B and C, you need to find out which one has to be delivered at the earliest. If your project C is the one that you need to deliver before A and B, you need to craft the entire planning according to the priority levels.


3. Create Task Groups: Thirdly, you need to create multiple task groups so that you can easily manage different tasks in each project. For example, if project A has ten different tasks, you need to create ten task groups involving efficient professionals. This is where you can take the help of Task Closet or any other project management softwarethat’s equipped with task groups.


4. Set Timelines: Every project comes with a specific deadline and you need to make sure that the entire work is accomplished by that time. But, when you’re managing multiple projects, it can be really difficult to set so many deadlines. No worries as Task Closet provides you with this unique feature with the help of which you can set deadlines easily and share them with your teams.


5. Always Keep Track: The primary responsibility of a project manager is to keep track of each and every task within different projects, which is perhaps the most difficult part of this role. But, Task Closet can make it easier for you as it’s one of the finest project management tools equipped with notifications. Hence, the app will show you how the workflow is running.


6. Encourage Communication: Another aspect of project management involves communication, which requires time and effort. But, if you rely upon Task Closet, you won’t find it difficult anymore to initiate conversations. The application comes with messaging and file-sharing features, making it easier for the team members to start conversations and solve queries.


7. Choose Task Closet: Looking for one app for managing multiple projects? Then, you can check out Task Closet, which makes sure that you get all the above facilities. Yes, Task Closet is an exclusive application that’s equipped with each and every feature mentioned above. So, just go ahead and download the app from the play store to see how it works for your company.


Task Closet is the ultimate free task management application. You can feel free to share your doubts and ask for customization of the app at a nominal budget. We’ll make sure that you get the best app to accelerate your workflow with the help of our top-notch services.