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11 September , 2022

7 Tips to Take Effective Meeting Notes in 2022

Taking notes at the meeting is an essential task for many of us as some information always gets lost at the end of the meeting. And organizing every task discussed in the meeting also gets difficult if we miss out on some vital information. And so, the art of taking effective meeting notes is important. But, do you want to be the best at this task among all your colleagues? Then, look no further than a reliable team collaboration application, which can make it easier. And to excel further, follow our 7 tips to take effective meeting notes in 2022.


What is a Meeting Note?


From the name itself, you can clearly understand that a meeting note is a type of note that you take while attending a meeting. These notes usually include points to refer to some important discussions raised at meetings. The notes may include project details, specific names, their roles, the goals, the deadline and the challenges- just to name a few.


However, many people tend to confuse meeting notes with meeting minutes. Meeting notes contain only the key points that you think are important whereas meeting minutes contain every detail that has been discussed at the meeting. These minutes are usually shared with the entire team after a meeting ends. Hence, you need to avoid this common mistake.


Now, let us know the 7 essential tips that can improve our meeting note-taking capacity.

7 Tips to Take Effective Meeting Notes in 2022:


1. Plan Ahead: It’s always better to be present in the meeting with some basic information such as the meeting title, date, time, agenda, number of attendees etc. If you are prepared with these beforehand, no time will be wasted in writing them when the meeting starts. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on the meeting and take important notes without losing concentration. And in case you know the deadline and course of action before the meeting, you can write down these things also before the meeting starts.


2. Use Note-Taking Tools: The best way to improve your meeting note-taking skill is by switching to a note-taking tool instead of doing paperwork. You can check out any team collaboration application that’s equipped with a note-taking feature for a hassle-free experience. Some tools come with specific fields and sections for noting down the meeting goals, course of action, and deadline and the meeting date and time get automatically inserted as you open the note. These can eliminate the chances of errors in paperwork.


3. Use Meeting Notes Template: You can also check out some meeting notes templates that are easily available online. Two great examples of meeting note templates are MS Office and Google Docs. These templates are so sorted that they come with specific fields for entering meeting information without any need for paperwork. Apart from MS Office and Google Docs, there are plenty of other options that are available on the Play Store and other websites. All you need to check is the user feedback and the number of ratings.


4. Be Specific: A very important trick to writing better meeting notes is to be specific on what’s important. There are professionals who can understand the key factors and note them down according to their order. You need to acquire this skill to make your meeting note brief and clear. You can also take the help of any team communication application to further check if you’ve missed out on some key points. Some specific things that you can’t miss are the problems identified, the action plan, the questions raised and your queries.


5. Evaluate Your Note: Right after taking your meeting notes, you need to sit at your desk and evaluate all points. It will help you to analyse every detail and omit unnecessary information from them. And one more thing that you’re bound to notice is the missing points. After noticing all these things, you need to discuss them with your team members and check their notes to incorporate the missing points from your own note. And to help your colleagues, you can share your meeting note with them so that all of you get ready for teamwork.


6. Start Coding: Now, you’ll wonder what does coding mean in meeting notes? Well, by coding, we aren’t referring to programming languages but your own terms to shorten bigger sentences. For example, you can write about an agency management team by just writing AMT. This will help you to keep track of every detail without losing time in writing bigger sentences. Also, you can include start marks to highlight some points that are important. And you can also use numbers to organize all the points according to their order.


7. Keep It Simple: Finally, we’ll suggest that the best way to improve your note-taking capacity is by keeping it simple. We’ve already mentioned that being specific is important while writing meeting notes and keeping it simple will help you further. Everyone understands a simple meeting note that only includes the key points. If you are into teamwork where you need to share your meeting notes with your colleagues, keeping it simple and precise will help them understand the course of action of the meeting and their own roles.


Now that you know the 7 tips to take effective meeting notes in 2022, just go ahead and follow them. If you’re looking for a team collaboration application that’s equipped with a meeting notes feature, you can check out Task Closet, the best team management app with plenty of facilities. To know more about Task Closet and how it works, you can get in touch with our team. We at Idiosys Technologies provide top-notch web and app development services to a huge number of clients worldwide. Task Closet is our creation that you can also get customized at a nominal charge so that the app aligns with your business goals and niche.