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23 July , 2022

Gantt Chart vs. Kanban Board Which is Better for Your Team Communication?

For any team, communication plays a significant role during projects. A project can be only accomplished flawlessly when there’s proper communication within teams. Hence, project managers worldwide rely on a team management application to ensure seamless communication. Today, there are so many project management tools out there. Gantt Chart and Kanban Board are undoubtedly among the best ones. But, are you wondering what’s the difference between these two and how can you make the most of them for different types of projects? If yes, then scroll down to know all these facts in detail.


What is Gantt Chart?


Gantt Chart is a conventional method of project management that uses vertical and horizontal graphs to assess the timeline of projects and the resources required. In Gantt Chart, the vertical graph shows the individual tasks while the horizontal graph highlights the timeline. With the help of this chart, a project manager can understand how long a project should continue and when it should get completed. Today’s team management software can adapt Gantt Chart to make the entire workflow easily trackable.


Gantt Chart plays a major role in team communication. That’s because it keeps the professionals motivated by making them aware of their individual tasks and the entire project timeline. In a team, there can be multiple tasks assigned to different professionals. What a Gantt Chart does is that it helps all the members to know their tasks and move forward accordingly.

  • Pros
  1. Gantt Chart gives a complete perspective.
  2. Timeline tracking is provided by this tool.
  3. The graph improves employee performance.
  4. The dependencies and overlaps are marked.
  5. Project managers can manage complex tasks.
  • Cons
  1. There’s no task priority setup.
  2. The process is time-consuming.
  1. What is Kanban Board?

Kanban Board is a popular project management method that comes with some agile principles. It’s basically a visual board that most software development companies use. The board was first implied by the project managers of Toyota, a renowned car manufacturing company. Since then, the methodology became immensely popular owing to its huge success. In Kanban Board, the tasks are segmented into categories such as ‘complete’, ‘in progress’ and ‘to do’, which represent the different stages of their progress.


Kanban Board is a useful tool for team communication because of its simple structure. The managers as well as the members of a team can see the status of each task and thereby estimate how long the project may take. Instead of giving vague information about the tasks, it makes the professionals aware of their responsibility and roles in a straightforward way.

  • Pros
  1. Kanban Board is really easy to use.
  2. The changes can be easily adapted.
  3. It comes with an agile structure.
  4. Manual guidelines are provided.
  5. It ensures team collaboration.
  • Cons
  1. It’s not suitable for a dynamic environment.
  2. There’s no timeline involved.


Gantt Chart vs. Kanban Board

In the above comparative analysis, both the advantages and disadvantages of the Gantt Chart and Kanban Board are highlighted. An overall review is that Gantt Chart can be used for different types of tasks in projects whereas Kanban Board is better for projects with repetitive tasks. For team communication, both the methods are good but Gantt Chart shows the real-time progress of tasks, which makes it easier for the project managers as well as the professionals. If your team management application has both features, you can use them according to the nature of each project.


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