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13 January , 2021

10 Myths about Outsourcing Services

Many of us have heard of outsourcing without knowing the proper meaning of the term. Also, many among us are uninformed about the actual purpose of this service. Hence, it is easier for us to grow or believe in some common misconceptions about it.
Outsourcing is one of the best ways to increase efficiency and boost overall performance by hiring another company for some specific tasks. Across the globe, it is practised at a great extent by some of the top companies.

Outsourcing has been a dominant part of project management and therefore, it is very important to know about it in detail. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner who is interested to debunk some of the misconceptions associated with outsourcing, here you go!
In this article, we will reveal the top 10 myths about outsourcing. These misconceptions still exist in 2021 and are holding companies back from reaching new heights of success. Knowing about these myths will surely help you to gain benefits in the long run.

1. Outsourcing is Expensive: Some businesses think of outsourcing services only as a cost. But, in reality, outsourcing is an investment rather than a cost. In fact, throughout the process of outsourcing services, many administrative costs and HR expenses are eliminated.

2. Only Big Companies Benefit from Outsourcing: Another common myth is that your company needs to be large enough to benefit from outsourcing. But, the reality is that small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit a huge amount from outsourcing by eliminating part-time employees or freelancers.

3. Outsourcing Ruins Corporate Culture: Every successful business considers corporate culture as its backbone and therefore, preserving it is one of the biggest goals. Outsourcing doesn’t ruin corporate culture but it boosts productivity and positively impacts your corporate culture.

4. In-House Staffing Is More Affordable: There is a myth that in-house staffing is more affordable than outsourcing. In reality, in-house staffing can be more cost-effective to invest in your own company than opting for a third-party solution.

5. Outsource is Only for Saving Money: When you choose to outsource, the budget is certainly a factor. But, it is not the only reason for choosing to outsource. Skill is a big reason for some enterprises. BPOs can help you providing skilled professionals at a low budget.

6. Outsource is a New Concept: Today, outsourcing is very common because of technology but the service is prevalent for decades. Many services like legal and engineering were outsourced even in the 18th century days.

7. You’ll Lose Control of Your Business: If you use a project management application to keep track of the overflow, you will never lose control of your business. When it comes to outsourcing companies, there are partners that are dedicated to maintaining your workflow with high efficiency.

8. Your Company Data Is at Risk: Maintaining your data security is a real concern. While hiring an outsourcing company, you must discuss with them on this issue and ensure that they protect your sensitive company and customer information.

9. Outsourcing Weakens the Economy: Another myth is very popular that outsourcing weakens the economy. But, data in the USA proved it completely wrong by making the US companies more competitive as it lowered the cost of goods and services in the market.

10. Your Quality Will Suffer: As we already discussed, outsourcing never lowers the quality of work. In fact, it provides you with superior quality at a lower budget. All you need to ensure is that you choose a reputable company dedicated to quality control.

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