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Effective Project Management
19 October , 2019

5 Features of Task Closet for Stress Free and Effective Project Management


When it comes to managing your project with the best project management tool, you need to know the aspects of every tool available today. Evaluating the performances of each tool will let you choose the most appropriate one for your requirements, while there are many in the market. Now, you need to ensure that the project management tools perfectly solves your management issues by letting you a stress-free and effective project management process.


Task Closet, since its inception, has attracted a lot of users for its simplicity and efficiency. Today, there are reputed users of this software, who are the highly acclaimed business owners, project managers, team leads, to name a few. This project management software, as they have remarked, enables a user to overcome almost every project management challenge. Now, let us know about the 5 best features of Task Closet that help you to achieve a stress-free and effective project management.


1. Team Management: When you are managing a team for your business project, Task Closet can lend you immense facilities. To create a Task Closet account, all you need is to sign up with your valid mail id. Once you enter the dashboard, you will see that there are various tabs for creating task groups and managing the work. You can access the same easily and manage a team by inviting the professionals in your team to Task Closet.


2. Team Communication: Transparency is an aspect that makes project management effective. As Task Closet enables you the options of messaging, sending files, and other communication tools, you will be sorted with better communication. In every task group, people can connect themselves via these tools. Sending a file, commenting, and texting make the process easier and faster.


3. Project Follower: When you have created a project in Task Closet, the entire process of work is under your supervision. If you handle the project on your own or if you assign a project follower, the follower can easily check the process of work with notifications and other tools. These are crafted in Task Closet to keep your project reliable, accurate, and user-friendly.



4. Time Estimation: Project management depends a lot upon the time management and you can create a schedule for each task in this application. Once you create a task group, you can assign tasks to the professionals and set a timeline for each work. Also, when the professionals are unable to accomplish a task within time, a mail will pop up, notifying them about it. When they want extra time, they can appeal the same in this advanced project management application.


5. Issue Management: The last and most crucial challenge associated with project management is the issue management. When you are running a project, you will definitely have issues through the process. Now, managing the issue becomes faster and easier as Task Closet is configured with some essential features, specially dedicated to issue management.


Above are the five essential challenges that every project manager, team lead, or business owner faces. Now, with Task Closet, overcoming all these challenges is more exciting. Also, when you are managing multiple projects simultaneously, you can rely upon this free project management application. All the above features make Task Closet the best performer among the advanced project management tools.


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