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14 July , 2019

5 common Project Management Challenge You can overcome with Task Closet

With the advanced project management tools, you can manage your business with just a few clicks. Web developers worldwide are creating mesmerizing apps and tools for project management that are easy to use and maintain. These tools are equipped with all the salient features one needs in managing the projects. Moreover, managing multiple projects for your business is also possible when you are handy with these tools. Now, let us know about the highly advanced Task Closet, a project management tool launched to make your project management stress-free and accurate. This one is loaded with features to let you improve your business project management.


1. Team Management: Managing the multiple teams within your business project is effortless with Task Closet. Firstly, the tool lets you create new projects and assign teams with their specific tasks. Then, it allows all the members to access the same and work accordingly. The management of your project is transparent and accurate once you log in and check the ongoing process of the teams.


2. Team Communication: Task Closet is configured to let you have a relentless communication within the network, and therefore, it offers team communication features. On each task, there is space for comments, and all the members with the access can avail this facility without any obstacle. They can attach files and send it with a single click along with messages and comments. This feature makes Task Closet one of the most convenient apps when it comes to project management software.


3. Project Follower: This feature enables the members to follow your project by tagging them. If your business works on multiple projects simultaneously, all the project managers can track every process of the individual teams by just following the tasks. The advanced technology in Task Closet is applied to let you manage the projects in the most organized way possible.


4. Time Estimation: Of course, there will be strict deadlines for each work in your projects, and this feature lets you set the time and track if it is maintained or not. For any work that crosses its deadline, you will get instant updates. Accordingly, you can control the delay and set new timelines for the employees. Controlling huge teams is no more a difficult task when you have such advanced tools.

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5. Issue Management: With the complexity arising, your business projects may get affected hugely and to control the same, all you need is Task Closet. This tool, by letting you avail multiple features, provides effective issue management. As each member can address the issues with just one click, the further planning, and finding the solution becomes rapid. Hence, the entire project can be completed within the estimated deadline with high accuracy in quality.


All the above features make Task Closet a one-stop solution for your business project management. Soon after its launch, it got acclaimed as the best project management tool by the reputed companies. Moreover, this tool has some extensive features like creating task groups, admin privilege, time log for a task, task report, tagging, task evaluation log step by step with Re-Open feature and a lot more. The tool lets you avail a free subscription with unlimited, endless access. However, if you want to add more features and get the tool more customized, you can do so by contacting us. Depending on your requirements, this service is nominally priced.


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