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21 June , 2019

Top 10 Common Features of Project Management Application

Project management application helps your business to grow by making every project well organized. It increases workflow by keeping track of each task and maintaining the timeline. The project managers or team leads can therefore easily assign more work, plan the future tasks, guide the team, identify the problems and get the accomplished tasks within an estimated deadline.


Today, you will find a variety of online project management application available and these can provide excellent performance if integrated with the features mentioned below. Some online applications are chargeable whereas a very few are free of cost. Here are the ten most common features that a project management application needs to have.


1. Create Multiple Projects: Most of the companies have to deal with multiple projects simultaneously. Hence, instead of having different management applications for different projects, it is crucial to have a single application where they can manage multiple ongoing projects. Task Closet is a free project management tools that enables you to create multiple projects with a single account.


2. Create Teams: Once you have created multiple projects with your company account, the second step would be creating multiple teams in each project. This is an important feature that a project management application must have. There are many applications that enable you to create unlimited teams in a project.


3. Create Task Group: This is a feature that makes Task Closet one of the superior applications when it comes to project management. This feature lets you create multiple task groups within each team. It simplifies the organization by dividing the teams on the basis of tasks. It also enables the managers to make collaboration within members from different task groups or teams who are performing similar tasks.


4. Expected Time line Declaration: Not only you create tasks and assign them to individuals or groups in a project management application, but can also set a deadline for the completion of the task. This one is a common feature found in many applications. This feature makes the management way easier.


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5. Admin Previledge: As an admin of the account, you have access to certain features related to the performance. As the project management applications can track the individual performance and identify backlogs, it helps you to evaluate work and monitor the process in an advanced way.


6. Time log for task: This feature is present in almost every online project management software. This one enables you to follow time tracking assigned for each work. Hence, it helps you to estimate the time frame required for the ongoing projects.


7. Task Report: This feature is also a common one that can be found in most of the project management applications. The task reports are essential productivity tools that can help you to see every detailing associated with individual tasks or team performances.


8. Easy tracking for Issue: As the project management applications are equipped with the advanced tracking tools, they can track issues or problems and therefore make problem-solving faster. When the issues are tracked or highlighted in the apps, the managers can solve them immediately.


9. Pending tasks list: It is easier to create and manage several tasks within each project using the management tools. Some astounding features like pending task lists are the keys to an organized workflow. This feature enables the managers or team leads in making lists for pending tasks, thereby meeting every deadline with ease.


10. Task evaluation log step by step with Re-Open feature: This feature is not an easily available one in project management applications. Recently Task Closet has offered this feature, making an accurate task evaluation possible. The re-open feature helps the admin to monitor and evaluate tasks faster.


Are you searching for an online project management application that ensures all the above features? Well, today you will find many project management applications that are equipped with some of these features. Moreover, there are many paid applications or software available online. Task Closet is a newly launched project management application that ensures all the above features and it is absolutely free of cost. However, if your requirements do not match with these, you can contact the developers and get a custom made application for your own business, which will be within your budget for sure.


We recommend Task Closet to our reputed clients as this one ensures excellent project management with almost zero budget. We are one of the highly acclaimed companies providing IT solutions including applications design and application development to our clients from all over the world. To know more about the project management applications or our services and packages, feel free to contact us.




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