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9 July , 2020

How to Increase Productivity Through Project Management Tools During COVID-19

The end of 2019 made a sudden change in global health and economy due to the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19. It all started as a crisis in China and soon became a global crisis. The world was not prepared for it at all. Every industry is facing its aftermath and in this situation, project management tool or application shows hope for the project managers out there to promote and execute remote work culture. As new strategies are being applied to cope with the pandemic, the industries are looking for apps and tools to manage their employees working from home.

With more than one crore cases of COVID-19 reported worldwide, nearly half (46%) of the organizations across the world are implementing remote work. Leading companies like Apple, Box, and Twitter are focusing more on work from home so that the employees stay healthy and productive. During this time, limiting revenue losses is one of the primary focuses of the companies and therefore, increasing productivity is the only way. In this scenario, it is essential for the leaders and managers to find the most appropriate application for an effective project and team management.

• How project management tools can help

In general, project management tools can help immensely to increase productivity within organizations. These tools are equipped with the latest features to help the managers assign work and monitor those easily. These tools also enable the employees to see their tasks, talk to other team members and submit work within deadlines.

Today, usage of such tools has become crucial for those who didn’t even know about them a year back. The boardroom meetings are being held through many apps to maintain social distancing. When it comes to managing day-to-day tasks, a project management application makes the ultimate solution during this time. Hence, if you are trying to increase productivity through project management tools during COVID-19, here are five tips you can follow.

I. Skilled monitoring: For successful conduction of remote work, skilled monitoring is the most essential responsibility of a manager or a leader. Nowadays, the task management tools provide real-time reporting, making this entire process much easier than before. Task management apps such as Task Closet provide the managers with an arena of tools to assign work, set timeline and receive tasks easily from the remote employees. All they need to do is track the tasks listed on these apps.

II. Centralization of data: This one is a very crucial aspect of any company. Each company has its own data, which needs to be secured and centralized. It can solve a lot of problems when the managers can centralize the data in a single too or app. Such is the speciality of Task Closet and other project management apps. These help the managers to consolidate and centralize company data easily.

III. The clarity in communication: As one of the main responsibilities of the project managers, keeping healthy communication makes the work environment better. Now, with the project management apps, the managers can easily communicate with each member of the team in order to track workflow and discuss some problem. It helps the managers to find out the quick solution of the problems and therefore increase productivity.

IV. Collaborative effort: Teamwork is all about a collaborative effort in all industries. It is essential for the team members to stay connected to each other even during remote work. In fact, when the team members are working from home, they need a platform to extend their communication. Tools like Task Closet are equipped with this very feature to promote healthy communication within organizations and teams.

V. Encouragement: When the employees are working remotely, they are more likely to feel isolated. The office space itself generates a flow of energy, which might be lacking while the employees are working from home. Hence, as a manager or a leader, it is essential to encourage the employees so that nobody feels isolated anymore. As the project management tools make a scope for a chat and messaging, the managers or leaders can easily encourage and acknowledge the employees for all their good work.

• Task Closet: a project management tool

Above are some essential tips to increase productivity in an organization during this phase of Covid-19. Following these tips will surely help you to manage things easily when the employees are working remotely. If you are looking for a reliable and effective project management application for your organization, you can opt for Task Closet- a free project management app. Task Closet is equipped with all the above features and a lot more to provide you with a flawless project management experience.

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