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3 September , 2019

Task Closet: Most Simple Project Management software


For business entrepreneurs, project management tools are the key to achieve higher excellence. It is the idea developed decades back and put into action by some marvelous app develops across the globe. What these tools do is organizing everything you need to manage a project. If this sounds interesting, then you are at the right destination. Here is the simplest task project management software revealed. It is none other than Task Closet, a genius app that promises endless possibilities. Hence, if you are looking for the simplest project management software, here it is. Now, let us know about some salient features of this software, making it the most suitable one for your business.


Very Easy to Use: When it comes to user-friendliness, it is hard for any other app to beat Task Closet. The reason behind its superior interface is the simplest configuration that the developers have applied. They have gone through various complex technologies to create something as user-friendly as this app. It enables you to perform all the project management work with only a few clicks. Not only this, the app offers free subscription and requires only a valid mail id to sign-up.


Simple Dashboard: Once you have successfully signed up, you are exposed to an expansive dashboard, which is simple enough as the developers claim. Operating various tools in this single app won’t be a hassle when you go through every detailing of the dashboard. The design of this dashboard is really unique as it follows the essential rules of the operational dashboard. At the left window, you will notice the titles and at the right window, you can perform all tasks.


Project Management Software


User Notification: This one is a salient feature that makes Task Closet one of the best project management apps. It is configured with the user notification feature, which sends automated and customized notifications to all its users. Hence, you can set alarm for pending tasks, send other alert notes, and make the users aware of anything you want. Whether the app is presently running on the user’s device or not, they will get notifications related to the ongoing work.


Mail Notification: It is another aspect of this high-end project management application. The mail notification feature makes the app more reliable for business management. All the users of this app get mail notifications for the work-related issues. Hence, when a user checks mail, they get mails from Task Closet with related information. This one provides you with more comfort as you can notify the employees via mail as well. As a result, no issue can be easily overlooked or surpassed and the workflow is bound to be faster. Also, the users can open the mail from their phone or the website from other devices with just one click from the link at the mail notification.


Free Project Management Software: Task Closet offers free of cost usage to all users, regardless of their credentials. To sign-up, all you need to do is provide your mail id and set a password.Not only this, when you want some more features, feel free to contact the developers of Task  Closet, who are willing to customize the app for you at a nominal budget. No other project management software provides so many facilities as this free project management software.


About the Developers: Task Closet is developed by a reputed app development company Idiosys Technologies. Based in Kolkata, the company has expanded through years of experience in various niches starting from web development and app development to digital marketing and advertising. Idiosys Technologies is acclaimed by a number of reputed companies in USA, UK,
Canada, Japan, Panama, India, and Bangladesh. Recently, the ISO has certified Idiosys Technologies an outstanding rating in the esteemed niches.


If you are willing to know more about Task Closet apps or its various features, feel free to contact Idiosys Technologies.




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