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16 August , 2019

‘Re-open Task’ is a great feature for Project Manager to track the issue in any task

When you have multiple projects to manage simultaneously, it is quite challenging to track the issues and solve them quickly. Some of the project management tools we have today are being configured to let you experience stress-free project management. The sole purpose of these tools or applications is to make your project management accurate and fast. Within these tools, Task Closet is the new member, which has already made a significant impact on business marketing all over the world. Now, let us know about its Re-Open feature, which ensures you to track the issue in any task. Also, we will discuss some of the other features of this project management application.


Why Use Re-Open Feature?

We all know that the pending tasks seem to the achievable unless we start with them. Once we start a project, there are multiple tasks, and the manager divides the same among different task groups. Task Closet provides a feature named Create Task Group, which lets you create numerous task groups. Now, when the task groups are created, you can assign the tasks to specific people and set a timeline for the same. Issues start coming when each task is initiated. Issues may arrive at any time, and it is the leader’s responsibility to track them and provide a solution alone or with the team. This is where the Re-Open feature comes as a savior.


Re-Open Feature for Issue Tracking


As the development company ensures, the Re-Open feature perfectly solves your management troubles by giving your information on issues. Once you create a task group and assign the work, the professionals can report and send files in this project management application. They can also comment and communicate with each other. The feature Re-Open helps you to re-open the tasks and see what the challenges are or what the errors are. By tracking the issues via this project management app, you can save a lot of time in solving these. As the app is configured with the simplest approach, accessing the Re-Open feature is quite easy for all managers. You don’t need exceptional knowledge or efficiency over tools and apps for operating this feature. This highlights the use-friendliness of this smart project management app.


Task Management Tool


What’s More?


There is a lot more, and you need to check-out the app once to experience the same. With Task Closet, you can open a single account and create projects, task groups, tasks, timelines, reports, and almost everything you need for your project. To open your account, all you need is your valid mail id. Once the projects are set, you can assign works to the professionals, who need to log in by following the same process. You can track the work, manage the timeline, and create the final reports using this single app. If you think it is not enough, and you need more features, you can contact the development company to get the app customized only for you. This would cost you a nominal budget.


So, what are you waiting for? Download the application and have an exciting experience like never before. Unlike many project management software, Task Closet provides free subscription. To know more about this app, feel free to contact us. We, Idiosys Technologies are one of the highly recommended names by the business owners, project managers, and professionals across the globe. We provide web development, app development, digital marketing, and a lot more services to a vast network of clients all the way from India, Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and Panama. Our free project management tool Task Closet is surely going to improve your project management with its astounding features. Without any delay, download the app and enjoy effortless and accurate project management instantly.




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