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Task Closet : The Secret of Effective Project Management
22 May , 2019

Task Closet : The Secret of Effective Project Management


A successful business depends upon project management and if your business deals with multiple projects simultaneously, it might be difficult to maintain the workflow on a regular basis. No more worries as today, you have access to the project management tool or software that can handle every aspect of project management including task distribution, budgeting, time tracking, team collaboration, resource planning and many more.

Though there are several project management application available in the market today, there are only a few that are equipped with almost all features. Let us introduce to you the latest one that unlocks the secret of effective project management. Task Closet, a newly launched project management software, is integrated with the advanced features to take your business to another level. Now, let us know what it offers and how it can solve your project management problems faster and better than the other project management software available in the market.


Features at a Glance: This software has set a benchmark for all the project management applications since its launch as it ensures endless possibility. Let us have a look at the various kinds of tasks that you can accomplish using Task Closet.


Create a Company

Create a Project

Create a Team

Create Task Group

Expected Timeline declaration

Admin Privilege

Time log for task

Complete Task Report


Easy tracking for Issue, Pending, etc list

Task evaluation log step by step with Re-Open feature


Yes, all the features mentioned above are offered by Task Closet, which is rare to be found in any of the renowned paid applications today. This one has the simplest configuration, which makes it run faster in any device. Some of the unique features offered by Task Closet such as Expected Timeline declaration, Admin Privilege, Tagging, Easy tracking for Issue, Pending, etc list and Task evaluation log step by step with Re-Open feature are distinct than the ordinary applications, as ensured by the app development company.


Free Project Management Software: Task Closet is the only free project management software, as stated by the developing company. This application, integrated with simple monitoring tools, ensures organization growth at free of cost. Though the free plan ensures every feature, it has certain limitations of single file storage space up to 25 MB and total file storage space up to 10 GB. If your requirement doesn’t suit this plan, you can absolutely opt for a customized application for your business by reaching the developers via mail or call.


User Friendliness & Reliability: As an advanced application, Task Closet is integrated with the simplest monitoring tools, which enable the users to adapt its usage within a short span of time. Adding to this, this application offers a strict privacy policy, which ensures the utmost protection of your valuable data. The different policies for the user, respondent and visitor make this application a reliable one when it comes to your business terms.


Team Management Application


Client Feedback: Since its market launch, Task Closet ushered in a new era of advanced applications as it has been the most favorite of the business owners, project managers, team leads and employees from several renowned companies. It has received high acclamation from the reputed overseas clients like Sanrosoft (UK), Deshibrands (Bangladesh), Daflo Entertainment (UK), Nagify and Cam Solutions (Canada) to name a few and the network is growing rapidly.


Upcoming Launch: The initial launch of Task Closet was a successful one and the application is about to launch its latest integrations for Android, IOS and Screen Monitoring Tool.


If you are searching for the best project management software that will provide an ultimate solution to all your project management issues, Task Closet makes a perfect choice. Be it an enterprise, a medium scale or a small scale business, the advanced integrations of Task Closet is bound to make every task of your projects way easier and faster. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to book an appointment with our developers and we are here to provide you a demonstration of the application.


We recommend Task Closet to the clients who are looking for a budget-friendly and yet top quality project management software. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the pioneers when it comes to business development, web design & development, mobile app development and many more services to our wide number of clients across the globe. Based in Kolkata, we are skilled and experienced in providing top-notch IT solutions to our clients from India, Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, Brazil and Panama. Feel free to contact us to know about our packages and offers.




“ Estimated Time ”- Helps you to meet project Deadline


Task group : a cool feature that helps you to organize your team performance