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Common Features of project management tools
10 February , 2020

Top 7 Common Features of project management tools


Whether you are managing a large scale project for your business, or a small scale one, there are multiple steps that determine the quality of work. From the scratch, it is all about proper planning, work allotment, tracking the workflow, approaching an error-free process and accomplishment within the estimated deadline. These steps become troublesome when you do not apply an advanced method. Thanks to the all-new project management tools, which have made it possible for us to have a stress free and reliable project management experience. These tools or software lend you multiple features that make your work easier, simpler, and faster. Now, let us know about such features you would expect from a project management tool or application. Here are the seven features of a project management application that will make your work better.


1. Risk Management: One of the most essential features of an effective project management task is the risk management. It is one of the most crucial responsibilities of a project manager. However, sometimes this task esquires huge effort and research. Not anymore as you have these fantastic applications for managing your project. These applications let you minimize those potential problems in advance, which may impact your project’s timeline.


2. Resource Management: In any project, you need sufficient resources to process the work on time. Even if you have teams of efficient professionals, the work may get delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. Not anymore as you have these advanced project management applications. These apps or tools let you create multiple projects and teams. Then, you can assign the work to the professionals in a fast and simple way. You can also add members or reduce the team strength whenever required.


3. Task Dependencies: In your business project, there might be some tasks that are associated with each other. For instance, suppose you have ten tasks in a project where the tenth task is dependent upon the third task. In such a condition, it is essential to connect these two in an advanced method. The project management apps let you do the same and therefore, make it easier for your professionals too. Also, you can set milestones to avoid delays and other obstacles.


Project Management Application


4. Simple Dashboard: The developers of project management tools across the globe are constantly researching on how to create a simple dashboard. It is all about and ease or comfort of the users. Creating a user-friendly application is what they are trying to achieve. Some applications come with a simple dashboard that let the users work with the utmost comfort. The tabs and options are clearly visible on these apps for the comfort of the users.


5. Third-Party Integration: When working on a large-scale project, you would require the third-party integration. If the tool allows you to take and share data from other apps, the work becomes easier for all your professionals. Some of the project management application are integrated with this facility and therefore, they can take your business project management to a completely new level.


6. Uploading Files: When you have assigned work to your professionals, it is essential that they are able to send you the documents and other files within the app. Some of the project management tools come with this feature making your work easier. Your professionals can send the files by attaching them in a message. Hence, you can check those and process work faster.


7. Timeline Management: Setting the timeline for the tasks makes one of the most essential parts of a project. Now, you can set an estimated deadline to each task in these applications. Your professionals will get notifications directly in their email and can open the application directly from the mail. Also, whenever a professional finds that the work requires more time, they can apply for the same in these apps.


Above are the seven features of an advanced project management application. You can search for these applications or read about them online. Task Closet is an advanced project management tool that can lend you a fantastic project management experience. Moreover, this application provides you a free subscription and all you need to open the app is you valid mail id and a password. To know more about Task Closet, you can feel free to get in touch with us. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the highly reputed companies providing web development, app development, business development, digital marketing, advertising, and many more services to our global clients. So, why wait anymore? Simply log into Task Closet and have an amazing project management experience in all your business projects.





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