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25 January , 2020

Use new tagging feature for tagged tasks to your task partner


Project management seems to be a difficult task when you are managing large scale projects simultaneously. The big companies are always busy managing such huge projects and there are secrets behind their success. The secrets are revealed now as you get to know about all new project management tools. These tools not only make the work easier for the manager and the professionals but also make the task simpler. These tools come with multiple salient features and here, we will know about one such essential tool. Task Closet is one such project management tool that makes your work easier, faster, and simpler. Now, without any further delay, let us proceed to the features of Task Closet.


The Tagging Feature Makes Project Management Easier


There are ample features that these project management tools offer you. One such feature is tagging, which helps you to associate the professionals in a project. These particular features let you work with a simplified structure. Sometimes, it seems that the teams you are managing are unable to track the work when it is required the most. One of the most essential features of project management is the transparency that you share with your team. It is not possible always to fix meetings and explain the work, thanks to these advanced project management tools. These tools make your project management way simpler as these give you multiple facilities to work in a team. A project management work depends upon multiple steps and these tools let you do it with much ease.


Simple Project Management Tool


Task Closet: The Tagging Feature


The tagging feature in the all-new Task Closet is an exceptional one that you get from a project management app or tool. It is a feature that lets you tag the members in a task group and provide useful information in the most simplified way. Hence, this feature makes your project management work much easier. Now, to create task groups, you need to login first to the application and then add people so that they can get the assignment easily. You can assign work to the professionals in Task Closet task groups and therefore, get the work accomplished according to the plan. Secondly, you can add a deadline to the work and also track the workflow easily. The members will get notifications about the deadline and process the work accordingly. Also, if any member has a query related to the work, they can message within the assigned tasks. If any member feels that she or he needs an extended deadline to accomplish the work, it is quite easy to inform the manager.


What’s More?


The above features make Task Closet a valuable project management application for your business. Not only this, the application provides you with a free subscription and you can simply log in to get started. All you need to login to Task Closet is your valid mail id and a password. Project Management has been never such an easy task. So, why wait anymore? Go ahead and log in to Task Closet today to have successful project management that is free of investment. The developers of this software provide you with a plethora of facilities and that won’t disappoint you for sure.


The tagging feature in Task Closet lets you manage your business projects in the most simplified way. To know more, feel free to get in touch with us. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the highly recognized names in application development, web development, business development, digital marketing, and many more areas. Across the globe, we have earned valuable clients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, and India. We also provide customized project management software at nominal budgets. So, go ahead and contact us to know more about Task Closet or to avail our various services.




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