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E- Mail Notification Feature
3 October , 2019

Task Closet: “E- Mail Notification” Feature the Project Management Team’s Best Friend


Project management applications make every project management faster and more accurate. Thanks to the advanced technology, as this has introduced the project management software to the business owners, project managers, and team lead in a company. The entire task of project management can be accomplished without any trouble when you install these project management applications or software.


Today, there are many project management applications and tools available, and you can choose from a diverse category. When it comes to efficiency, some of these applications make it while others may lack behind. You can understand their productivity by looking at their features. Some of the best project management applications allow you a lot of activities. One such feature is email notification. When you are managing a project, this feature helps you to send automated notifications to the assigned people on every essential step in the application. This feature evidently makes project management more proficient. Now, let us know about the project management applications that include this unique feature.


Task Closet is one such project management application, which marks as one of the bests in terms of efficiency. The reason for scoring high in the project management sector is that it is configured with lots of features, and you can access them easily for free of cost. The most unique aspect of this application would be that it simplifies the tedious task of project management and helps you to run your project faster and easier. To ensure the same, this application incorporates its email notification feature. This feature, as the user’s comment, is one of the best qualities that this project management software boasts. Hence, let us know about the email notification feature of Task Closet before coming to a conclusion.


The email notification feature is one of the integral parts of Task Closet. As the programmers say, this feature was included, keeping in mind the time management and efficiency that a project requires. Also, they understand the demands of the advanced methods of project management and, therefore, try to make the management application most user-friendly. What this feature does is that when you create a task group and assign a particular task to a professional or a group of professionals, the application automatically sends an email notifying the same. The best part is that when they open the mail, they get the link to the assigned work and hence, can open it directly from the mail. As a result, they can access the application better and faster.



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Along with this, you can set a deadline for each work, and when a professional exceeds the deadline, another email pops up as the notification of the same. As a result, every professional can manage their own work and accomplish it within the estimated timeline. Some of the reputed project managers across the world have opined that the email notification has benefitted them hugely, and therefore, managing a project or a team has become more exciting.


Task Closet is evidently showing excellent reviews since the day it was launched. One can create an account by simply signing up with their valid mail id and password. They can introduce the application to the employees with just a few clicks. As we have already discussed, the usability of this software is a superior one as it ensures optimum user-friendliness. The dashboard features a simple design, making the users understand and access each and every tab it has. Also, Task Closet is a free project management application. Still, if you think you need to get it customized for you, the developers ensure the same service at a nominal cost. So, why wait anymore? Download the application from your device or simply enter the website. The app supports all facilities from every device of yours.


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