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2 July , 2019

“ Estimated Time ”- Helps you to meet project Deadline

Project management includes endless tasks and constant monitoring over the entire process. Depending upon the volume and length of work, a project manager plans for each project differently. In businesses that work on multiple projects simultaneously, keeping a track upon the whole work becomes a challenge. Thanks to the advanced project management software or applications that have made this entire work easier and faster than ever before. The cutting edge technology has made it possible for the managers and team leaders to complete a task within the deadline.


Today, project management application are integrated with multiple features that can keep track upon every aspect of the management process. For instance, when a project is being planned, the managers can easily use a dedicated application to do the work more tactfully. The managers can also create schedules, create task groups, add milestones and many more. These advantages make it possible for the managers and team leaders to assign a task to specific employees or groups and get it done within the estimated deadline.


The Salient Features of a Project Management Application


A free project management software enables the project managers to perform certain essential tasks such as create a company, create a project, create a team, create a task group to name a few. Adding to this, it comes with multiple features like expected timeline declaration, admin privilege, time log for a task, tagging, easy tracking of issues or pending work. The best part is that the application provides access to complete task report and re-opening. Hence, task evaluation step by step becomes very simple. The chances of failure are almost eliminated with useful project management applications.


What is Estimated Time?


Estimated Time’ is a special feature present in most of the project management applications. As its name suggests, this feature enables the users to estimate timelines for each task and thereby set a deadline for the accomplishment of the project. Even if the managers are working with small groups who have a lot of responsibilities, these applications save time and help each employee to complete the assigned task within the timeline.


Best Project Management Software


How Can it Improve My Project?


There are certain tricks that help every project manager to achieve success in the projects. Completion of the task within the deadline is one such trick and it requires perfect calculations. The first step of management is the planning and an application makes the planning more accurate. Then, there are certain tasks that require team separation and team collaboration. The manager can make this entire planning using a management application. As a result, it saves a lot of time during planning. Similarly, when a manager is working with a huge team, it becomes essential to divide the team within small groups and assign different tasks to each. Certain features like task group help the managers to assign work in an organized manner. Then, the manager can set milestones and deadlines so that the task is completed by following the timeline. This special feature named ‘Estimated Time’ helps the managers and the employees to proceed without any delay. As the tasks are completed one by one within the estimated deadline, time adherence becomes easier on a small scale. Hence, deadline adherence on the large scale is also possible by following the above points.


Task Closet, a New Arena of Project Management


Presently, there are a huge number of project management applications available and one can choose the most appropriate one catering to his/her needs. Though the project management applications provide great features, some of these can cost you a lot of money. Task Closet is a new project management application that ensures you every possible feature at a zero cost. Yes, this one is a free project management application that can be easily accessed by logging in and creating your company. Some of the unique features offered by Task Closet like task group, timeline declaration, admin privilege, tagging, issues tracking, pending work tracking and reopening are rare to be found in any of the applications. The timeline declaration feature of this application helps the managers to set a deadline and meet it without any hassle. Moreover, if you feel that the features of this application are not suitable for your requirements, you can contact the developers and get the application customized accordingly.


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