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9 June , 2019

Task group : a cool feature that helps you to organize your team performance

In businesses that are dependent upon teamwork, it is essential to evaluate the team performance on a regular basis. Sometimes, this evaluation becomes quite difficult and the team management requires being more organized and simplified. To help you in this, project management tools become handy as these tools offer you multiple astounding features to manage team performance with high accuracy.


Task Closet is a newly launched project management software that promises to make your project management a smoother and faster one. Task Closet can be used as a project management software or a team management application to accomplish multiple tasks at a time. Task Group, a salient feature in Task Closet allows the user to organize a team performance by creating tasks and assigning them to people. It is also equipped with time management tools to help the team meet deadline within the estimated time. Now, let us explore every aspect of

Task Group and see how this feature functions.


Creating a Team: Once we open the Task Closet website or application, we land at their home page that requests us to ‘Try it Free for Lifetime’. Clicking on that button takes us to the subscription page where we can create a new account with a few personal details such as name, mail id, company name and password. The account gets created within a fraction of seconds and we land at the Company dashboard. Featuring tabs for assignments, schedules, issues and reopened tasks, the dashboard lets us see the progress at a glance. By clicking on the ‘Project’ tab at the left window, we can create unlimited projects and teams.


Creating a Task Group: Once we are able to create a project in Task Closet, we can easily open the project window to find out a tab named ‘Add Task Group’. We can create a task group by adding the task name and a description. A task group consists of multiple tasks and here we can add unlimited tasks and schedule them by adding the proposed deadline. We can add or remove members in each task, assign a task to them, schedule deadline for each task and leave a description about the task.


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Features of Task Group: As an advanced team management software, Task Closet is generating a huge number of users at a rapid speed. The best part of Task Closet is perhaps its design, which is loaded with features and yet is user-friendly. Task Group (Task Closet’s management tool) consists of different features that add to its usability. It divides the tasks into my task, pending task, issues list, re-opened task and completed task categories, which make task management way simpler. It also shows filters as overdue, important, scheduled, today’s and assigned tasks that add to its functionality. Once we start using Task Group, we notice how our team management process and workflow speed up naturally.


Free of Cost: As declared by the development company, Task Closet is the only free platform to solve your project management issues. It is a project management application that offers a free subscription to avail unlimited benefits in team management. However, the only restriction in the free package is that it offers you a single file storage space of up to 25 MB and the total file storage space of up to 10 GB. If this plan doesn’t meet your requirements, you can easily get a customized plan made for your business by contacting with the Task Closet developers. With so many offers and features from a single team management application, you are sure to get benefited in the long run.


Looking for a low-budget and yet feature-rich team management software or application? Task Closet can be the ultimate solution. We recommended Task Closet to all our reputed clients whether they are working on a single project or multiple projects at a time. The reason for our recommendation is that we understand both our clients’ requirements and the app’s functionality well and almost every time they match perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Create a free business account in Task Closet and explore the seamless functionality yourself!




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