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3 August , 2019

Task Closet –  Improve your Organization  productivity  


Be it an enterprise, a mid-scale organization, or a start-up; the management is the key to organized productivity. The tricks of having an organized work culture depend entirely upon how you manage your services. When you are working on multiple projects simultaneously, the workloads are huge. It is merely impossible for the manager to track all records manually. Thanks to the advanced project management tools with task management application, which are making the task easier with impeccable accuracy. Now, let us know about the latest one in the global arena of tools, Task Closet. Also, let us explore its multiple features to evaluate how it can improve your organization productivity.


  • What Is Task Closet?


It is a project management tool incepted recently by Idiosys Technologies. The mission or purpose of this one is definite on making your project management stress-free and accurate. Task Closet is configured by the highly skilled app developers, who have found out the best solutions for project management and implemented the same in this most successful tool. Soon after the launch, Task Closet has gained immense popularity among the users, who are providing positive feedbacks and compliments.


  • Task Closet: Salient Features


It is difficult for a developer to come up with a one-stop solution for all your project management needs. Task Closet is an example of how to achieve the same. It ensures you endless possibilities in accessing a tool as it enables you to accomplish various kinds of tasks as below.


  • Create a Company
  • Create a Project
  • Create a Team
  • Create Task Group
  • Expected Timeline declaration
  • Admin Privilege
  • Time log for task
  • Complete Task Report
  • Tagging
  • Easy tracking for Issue, Pending, etc. list
  • Task evaluation log step by step with Re-Open feature



  • User-Friendliness:


Equipped with all the above features, Task Closet ensures you fast usability as it has the simplest configuration. To begin with this project management application, all you need to do is open the app and log in. The free subscription allows anyone with a valid mail id to create an instant account. Then, you can access all its features for free. You can make optimum usage up to endless projects unless you feel you need more. To get the tool customized for you, you can contact the developers easily and hire them with a nominal budget.


  • Task Closet: Free Project Management Tool


Once you open your Task Closet account, you will see tabs for creating projects, tasks, teams, timelines, and many more. With every tab, you are one step closer to have organized management. You can assign tasks to the employees by providing them access and set deadlines for each team. When you are working on multiple projects, you can create the same within this tool and teams under each project. The work progress is easily tracked when you get notifications. Accordingly, you can control the productivity. Secondly, transparent communication with the teams makes your workflow faster. Keeping this aspect in mind, the comment sections are provided, where the members can add their valuable notes along with the work files. You can follow each task when the team leads add you as the follower. Thirdly, creating reports, issues, tracking, pending list tracking, and the entire task evaluation can also be made with this fantastic tool.


Team Management Application


  • Task Closet: What’s More?


If you are looking for free project management tools for your business, Task Solution is the answer. If you are keen to know about its features in detail, feel free to contact us today. We, Idiosys Technologies, are the founder of this project management tool. We are one of the highly acclaimed companies providing web development, app development, and business development services to a wide range of clients across the globe. With satisfied clients from India, Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and Panama, we are trying to expand more. Contact us to know more about our various services and packages. Hire us to avail Task Closet and other apps that will improve your business productivity.




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