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18 September , 2019

Time-Log Is a Great Feature to Track Your Time Spent on any Project


Project development is the key to a successful business and there are several methods of it. As we all know, the business entrepreneurs across the world depend upon project management for accuracy. Now, when you are managing multiple projects simultaneously, it is difficult to track every bit of work single-handedly. To save you in this task, there are several project management software available today. Among all these, Task Closet is a new member, which is showing brilliant results in project management. It is configured with many features and time-log is one of the best. As claimed by both the developers and the users, the time-log feature in task closet is an essential one that makes project management easier and faster. Now, let us know about this feature in detail.


What Is Time Log?


Time is the determiner of efficiency in every work and therefore, time logs are there in project management tool. This feature makes the management more effective as you can track the progress of work. Task Closet is equipped with Time Log feature and it saves your time in multiple ways. Now, let us know about the various ways Time Log can be helpful.


Track Your Time Spent On Any Project


Firstly, Time Log enables you to set a deadline for each work in a project. Whether you are working on a single project or various projects, this feature tracks every bit of the workflow. If you are a project manager who is creating different projects in Task Closet, you can set a deadline for each project. When you are a team lead creating multiple task groups in your assigned project, you can set the deadline too. This is not all; when both of you think the tasks or the project require more time in completion, you can increase the deadline quite simply. All the professionals assigned to different tasks will get notification of the deadline instantly.


Project Management Application


Secondly, when you are a professional assigned to a particular task and asked for an estimated deadline, You can set the deadline on your own in Task Closet. The team lead, manager and other professionals in your task group can track the same. Sometimes, you need more time to accomplish a task and therefore, you can increase the deadline prior to the completion. Moreover, after the completion of a task, you can also provide the required time in the Time Log. It helps the team leaders and managers to keep access to every work and proceed further.
Above are the benefits you gain from Task Closet in time tracking. To know more about the Time Log and other features of Task Closet, feel free to contact us.


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