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13 December , 2020

Top 10 Leadership Activities to Stimulate Skills of Your Team

Ask 10 people what they see in a successful leader and be prepared for 10 different answers. But, there are certain leadership activities which are essential for managing any team or organization. When you run these leadership activities, you will definitely be able to see who has such leadership skills to fulfil them. Moreover, today you will come across various types of a team management application that make team or project management easier than ever. So, without any further ado, let’s explain some of these leadership activities to you so that running these applications also gets easier for you. Here are the top 10 leadership activities to stimulate the skills of your team.

1. Survival Training: Providing survival training to your team makes them prepared for surviving any kind of odd situation that may arise within the organization. You can divide the participants into two teams and give them a critical situation such as a plane crash or a flood. Then, give a set of equipment to all and let them choose the way of survival.

2. All Aboard: To encourage communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills of the individuals, onboard is a great activity. You can divide the participants into two or three teams and ask each team to create a boat with the scrap materials they are provided. Now, ask each team to stand on the boat while you are removing pieces one at a time and see who struggle more.

3. What If: To assess the rationality and analytical thinking of your team members, you can invite them to your cabin one at a time and give them a situation to see how they solve the problems. For instance, you can ask them how they can come over a situation of losing a client for the company.

4. Minefield: It is a trust-building fun activity for people of all age. You can create obstacles with office furniture and blindfold a person from the team, to begin with. Then, ask the blindfolded person to move while the other team members will instruct the person to overcome those obstacles by using only the words right, left, forward, and backward.

5. Leaders We Admire: To encourage teamwork within the organization, you can create an environment of discussion and separate the participants into two teams. Give the participants the topic: ‘Leaders we Admire’. Let them discuss for half an hour and choose a representative from each group, who will talk about the discussed idea.

6. Best 30 Seconds: Invite each member of your team and give them 30 seconds asking them to brainstorm and share the experience of the best moment of their lives after 30 seconds. This way, the members will be able to get to know one another.

7. Icebreaker: To relieve tension within the team, this activity makes an ideal option. You can make the use of your team communication application and ask the members to join. Then, ask each participant to come up with five general icebreaker questions such as “Who has blonde hair?” or “Who is more than six feet tall?” The more hands are raised to answer, the more point the question gets and the person wins.

8. Leader’s Task: Assign your team a topic to write an essay on and choose multiple winners. Now, divide the rest of the participants into multiple groups (depending upon the number of winners) and assign the winners as the leaders of each group. Ask the groups to complete the assignment according to the instructions of the leader and see how they complete the task.

9. Leadership Race: Jot down several qualities of a leader and invite the participants. Now, read these qualities out loud and instruct the participants to take one step forward if the statement applies to them. It will let your team members get to know themselves and their colleagues better.

10. The Round Table: Depending upon the number of participants, divide them into multiple teams and arrange round tables for every team. Assign any task and see which team completes it faster than the rest. It will help you to assess the strong candidates among the participants.

Above are the 10 fantastic leadership activities to stimulate the skills of your team. To know more, you can feel free to get in touch with us. We, Idiosys Technologies, are one of the pioneers when it comes to developing avant-garde team management application. Task Closet, our team management and team communication application can improve the skills and productivity of your team quite easily by letting you manage them quickly and easily. So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of Task Closet and be the best team leader within your organization.


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